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We will develop the design, select fabric and curtain poles and integrate all elements of the decor for you. Most fabrics are available. Our own installation team can assemble the poles and hang the curtains.


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Professional curtains designer service in London

Wide choice of fabric and curtain poles


Call 07564113753 and book a free designer visit. Our designers can visit you at any time convenient for you and show you samples of fabric and poles.



In our curtain showroom we have fabric and net curtains at various prices from economy to elite class. Most fabrics are available in our warehouse.



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Our timeline is 5-14 days 

For architects and designers

Call: 07564113753     Every day from 9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.


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Made-to-Order Curtains, Valance Curtains, Covers


Variety of curtain styles:
Classic, French, English, Roman, Russian, and the unique design of the curtains from “Victoria Curtains”.


“Victoria” Curtains: Textile design of apartments, private houses, hotels, offices and restaurants